Mystical Healing Bundle

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$4.50 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Here's my second bundle!! This combination of products is for pain and healing! You will receive a 1oz bottle 1900mg of Full Spectrum Hemp oil that goes for 50 dollars, my Mystical Healing Cream that's 20 dollars and my Mystical Healing Scrub that's also 20 dollars FOR.......DRUM ROLL!! ONLY 65 DOLLARS!!!! YES THAT'S A DOLLAR DEAL GOING FOR ONLY 65 BUCKS!! If you or a loved one is struggling with pain this is a perfect gift! Treat yourself and pamper your body! We all need to start taking time out of the day to love ourselves and heal our bodies!! Get it while this deal is going! It will probably only be through the end of this month!! MUCH LOVE TO YOU ALL!